Value Added Services

Value Added Services

We have a number of services to compliment each shipping.

warehousing & logistics: your needs for warehousing and/or logistics are handled by UFF with comprehensive processes at very interesting prices!

combined services (intermodal): we may combine air-road-sea services in order to optimize your transport for better delivery times and savings!

calculation of your volumetric: it is best that you discuss with us the weight and dimensions of your shipment to assist you with correct calculation of your actual chargeable weight.

insurance: in case you need support for insurance of your goods on the move, you can always count on us!

packaging: for this very important activity it is best to discuss with us, up front, the relevant details in order you avoid delays in customs and extra payments and ensure safety of your goods.

track&trace: depending on the mode of transport you choose, we can assist you with track&trace options throughout the move of your shipment and its delivery.

seasonable offers: we continuously negotiate with our international partners about special offers that can benefit our customers. Ask us if there are special offers for specific destinations, modes of transport and/or particular commodities.

personal care: we pride ourselves for being able to view each customer and each shipment as a particular job well done and take care of it personally!

VIP handling: UFF is experienced in handling VIP shipments for VIP customers! We have a track record of handling valuable and time-sensitive shipments.

custom’s clearance: our reliable custom’s brokers handle clearances through borders swiftly and successfully providing the necessary service.

fast and easy re-ordering: once you work with UFF one time you don’t need to repeat all your details with each additional re-ordering. Your details remain safely in our database.

friendly payment options: should you want to discuss payment options please communicate directly with our managing director.


we offer Consulting Services particularly focused on process engineering, warehouse engineering, internal audit or audit of your transportation suppliers, SCM (supply chain management), preparation for ISO9001:2015 (management system) and ISO14001:2015 (environmental) as well as, training of your personnel involved in your imports and/or exports.