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Communicate all the necessary details correct & complete:

Sender: (introduce yourself one-off) your name, full address, telephone number and email address. shipping address (if different than sender’s)
Mode of transport: tell us your preferred way of shipping (air-road-sea)
Dates of shipping: (readiness of shipment, transport, expected delivery date)
Commodity details: (what you want to transport, if hazardous etc)
Shipment details: (dimensions, weight, packaging, insurance etc)
Shipping terms: (FOB, CIF etc)
Destination: (receiver’s door, airport, port etc)
Receiver details: (full name, address, telephone number(s), fax, email)


Packaging is very important throughout the export – import processes. Ensure that appropriate packaging takes place for safety and avoidance of mistakes and delays (save time & money!) or ask us to take care of your packaging for you.

Calculate your chargeable weight

The chargeable weight of a freight shipment is calculated either as the actual weight (gross weight) or the volumetric (dimensional weight) whichever is the greater.

Large items with a light overall weight take more
space during transport than a small heavy item and
this is why transporters charge according to
chargeable weight.

the simple formula to calculate volumetric weights are:

Air (L cm x W cm x H cm) / 6000
Road (L cm x W cm x H cm) / 3000
Sea (L cm x W cm x H cm) / 1000

Example: a shipment consists of 5 boxes each weighing 30 kgs and each measuring 50 x 40 x 40 cm.
Actual gross weight : (5 boxes x 30 kgs) = 150 kgs.
Volumetric weight : (50 x 40 x 40) x 5 boxes / 6000 = 67 kgs
Result: 150 kgs is greater than 67 kgs so the chargeable weight is
150 kgs which in this case is also the actual gross weight.
Typically if a pallet is used, its dimensions are added. Never compromise good packaging. UFF can also take care of calculating the chargeable weight for you.